Reviews & Testimonials

"... absolutely fantastic...", "... great instruction...", "... a whole new level...", "...  for anyone who owns or carries a firearm for self-defense ... excellent training ...", "I'm in love with RMFiTS."

  • "The system is absolutely fantastic.  It's a phenomenal training tool for everything from home defense to LEO and for every skill level. On top of that, it's a blast. John is an excellent instructor and a top notch fella.  Time spent here is time well spent and worth every penny."  - Casey Karins
  • "FiTS is the place you want to go to get great instruction, confidence in shooting, and use state of the art equipment.  A lot of gun shops and services lack the enthusiasm that John brings to the table.  I challenge any person to do this, it's worth it." - Mike Menchaca
  • "Absolutely fabulous!!! Takes training to a whole new level and a definite recommended for anyone looking to take a concealed carry course.  This is a  great training tool for both the experienced shooter and the novice.  I loved every minute!" - Melissa D Gallegos
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  • GunDiva's Review: Virtual Bad Guys, Oh My!